“Stand Up! Stand Out! Stop Bullying!”
Because of their own personal experiences with being bullied, Authors Dianne de Las Casas and John Couret are passionate about bringing awareness to the issue of bullying, helping students cope, and providing solutions to this pervasive problem. John was teased as a child because of his lazy eyes and called “Deadeye John.” Dianne was teased as a child because of third-degree burn scars covering a large portion of her body. In their anti-bully book series, a cast of cool characters (Captain Deadeye, Scarlet, and Buccaneer Bracey) go on swashbuckling adventures across the seven seas and find the courage to face their real-life bullies, creating positive change within their own communities.

In their fun, powerful, and interactive author visit program for grades PK-8, students learn how to be “Masters of the 7 Cs” and become “Life Savers.” So join John and Dianne in their national campaign to Stand up! Stand Out! and
Stop Bullying! Visit their website, for detailed information, curriculum guides, book activities, and more.


Both John and Dianne were bullied as kids. John is Puerto Rican and lived in Brooklyn, New York as a child. In junior high, he was bullied and beat up for being “Deadeye John” because of his lazy eyes. It was so bad that it caused John to drop out of school. He never went beyond the 8th grade.

Dianne has scars from third-degree burns on her body and when she was in junior high, her peers made fun of her. It was so bad that she skipped class and hid in the girls bathroom, crying in a corner stall. Later in high school, Dianne’s self-esteem plummeted so low that she tried to take her own life.

Because of their own personal experiences with bullying, John and Dianne are passionate about bringing awareness to the issue of bullying, helping students cope, as well as providing positive solutions to this pervasive problem.

Why is this program so valuable? Simply put, if “Captain Deadeye Stand Up! Stand Out! Stop Bullying!” can save even one student’s life, isn’t it worth it? Be a Lifesaver!

About the Captain Deadeye: The Bully Shark Book
Ahoy there, matey! Fourth Grader John goes to Oceanside Elementary and, because of his lazy eye, he is bullied by a boy who calls himself “Shark.” Shark gives him the hurtful nickname “Deadeye John.” One day, John goes on a treasure hunt and discovers a magical chest full of loot! He finds an eye patch and a pirate hat, and becomes “Captain Deadeye, Master of the Seven Seas.” Join Captain Deadeye on this seafaring pirate adventure where he battles a fierce storm; his nemesis, Captain Blackheart; and a vicious shark all while finding the courage to face his real-life bully at school.



About the Captain Deadeye Program
Over 3.2 million students are the victims of bullying each year. Dianne de Las Casas and John Couret have created a special program to address the issues of anti-bullying and literacy. Based on their own real-life experiences of being bullied, Dianne and John educate students on how to stand up to bullying and become lifesavers. Their swashbuckling, fun full-day program includes:

• An interactive theatrical production complete with costumes and 17 or more students on stage
• Up to three one-hour assembly programs (up to 350 students) for grades PK-8 with time built in for signing books
• Lunch with students of your choice (student government, yearbook staff, newspaper staff, top readers, lottery, or however you decide to utilize it as an incentive)
• A set of five books for the school library
• Bookmarks for every student
• Printable Lifesaver pledge certificates for students
• Free downloadable anti-bully and Common Core curriculum available on
• A listing on the Captain Deadeye website as a “Lifesaver School” pledging to stop bullying

Book Sales
We ask that schools participate in book sales and provide students with the opportunity to pre-order the books. The Captain Deadeye book series is at the core of the anti-bullying campaign. Books are $6.00 each and can be ordered directly through the authors, who will handle the logistics of getting the books to your school. We are happy to send you a review copy.

Captain Deadeye

Program and Professional Development Fees
Full-Day program (no half-day available) – $2,000/day plus travel expenses when applicable (transportation, airfare, lodging, food, etc.)
Professional development training add-on to full day program – $500
Literacy Night/Family Night Add-On – $500
Block Booking of 3 or more schools – $1750/day per school plus travel expenses
Professional development training for the school district – $2,500/day plus travel expenses

If your school or school district is interested in hosting John and Dianne and their “Captain Deadeye Stop Bullying! Be a Lifesaver” program, please contact us at