Breaking Barriers Book Cover 2

Breaking Barriers: How to Knock Out Adversity and Live Life as a Champion (Release Date June 5, 2016)



Tap into your innate power and overcome every obstacle in your way. Breaking Barriers: How to Overcome Adversity and Live Life as a Champion is a hands-on book filled with meaningful exercises, stories, and personal anecdotes written by Write Hook Media President and CEO, John Couret. He is a dynamic presenter whose personal experiences of adversity have catapulted him to success. This engaging yet purposeful exploration of the mind and spirit will allow you to internalize the 5 C’s that are the foundation of John’s “Breaking Barriers” method of knocking out adversity: Conflict Resolution, Centering Yourself, Confidence, Change, and Communication. You will break barriers and be empowered to live your life as a champion!