John Couret with Breaking Barriers book proof

Our Mission
Write Hook Media, LLC is a start-up social entrepreneurial publishing company and consulting agency. Through our multi-tiered platform of books, live presentations, social media, online media, and print publications, our mission is to empower people to “break barriers” and to be “constructive, not destructive” through the power of words. We focus on helping people improve interpersonal relationships from the educational sector to the corporate sector by offering positive solutions to common challenges. Write Hook Media inspires people to “sparkle” and “live life as a champion.”
Although we do not currently offer advances, we do pay a higher royalty percentage to our authors. Unlike most publishing houses, we pay our authors on a quarterly basis instead of bi-annually or annually. At Write Hook Media, we also believe that giving back is the best way to pay it forward. Therefore, all of the trade books we publish will donate 10% of the net profits to the charity of the author’s choice.

General Focus
At Write Hook Media, we publish books in the genres of personal growth, inspiration, self-help, lifestyle, and business. We are looking for mass market as well as niche books that teach and inspire.
We do not currently publish fiction, YA, children’s books, sci-fi, mystery, fantasy, cookbooks, or romance books. Submissions that do not adhere to our guidelines will not be considered.
We are interested in authors who have a platform and would love to help new authors develop their careers. We are looking for authors who want to share their message via public speaking and social media platforms. Yes, we will provide marketing support but we also believe that each author is their own best promoter.

Our Readership
Our readers are a demographic that has disposable income. They are people who are always interested in self-improvement and love attending seminars and workshops to further their education.

How to Submit
Our submissions are currently closed; however, we will open submissions in January 2017. Please send a fully-developed query and book proposal (not a full manuscript) to The query and the proposal should be in the body of the email. Due to the possibility of viruses, we delete any emails with attachments. We love it when an author has performed their due diligence and submits professional proposals. Submissions that do not adhere to our guidelines will not be considered.
Our editor-in-chief is Dianne de Las Casas, who is a seasoned publishing professional and author with over 25 books to her name.  Please address all queries to Dianne.
We also hold book publishing institutes several times a year and welcome submissions from writers who have attended our seminars. Best wishes!